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Keeping current with city guidelines are important for a successful business. Please review to see if you are in compliance.

Sidewalk Vending


On September 17, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed PDF icon SB 946, also known as the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act. The legislation decriminalized sidewalk vending statewide and set new parameters as to how California cities could regulate sidewalk vending.

As a result of SB 946, the City of San Diego is drafting new regulations that would comply with the state law. 

Overview of Draft Regulations

The draft regulations are designed to:

  • Establish criteria for issuance and revocation of a sidewalk vendor permit
  • Establish distance requirements to ensure accessibility and to reduce pedestrian and vehicle conflict
  • Regulate sidewalk vending operations in parks and beaches
  • Regulate sidewalk vendors near heavily trafficked sidewalks and areas of high pedestrian activity
  • Set hours of operation and operating procedures in residential and non-residential areas for sidewalk vending
  • Require clean and sanitary conditions within the vicinity of sidewalk vendors
  • Require sidewalk vendors to comply with the American with Disabilities Act of 1990
  • Regulate the use of sidewalk vending equipment
  • Set penalties for violations in accordance with SB 946

The City of San Diego wants your input on the draft regulations. Please attend one of our community input workshops on the following dates. If you cannot make a workshop but would like to provide your input, please send your comments to