Build Your Cart

Create your own cart that is perfect for you. I've provided a roadmap with instructions and links to assist you along the way. Your success is our success.

Our mission is to provide a high-quality program for urban entrepreneurs wishing to serve the business needs in underserved communities to improve their economic development.

Smart DaCart is our idea of making the world a better place through Art & Reason. It is our pathway for a Community Builder. The question posed is one of “what can I do” with just figuring things out for our future. Though if you merge those two elements, “future” and “what if,” you can embrace a realistic, real-world challenge. What’s in our means or what do we know? ART. And selling that art and apparel to others is what we can do. We apply that concept to helping others through knowledge and funding. “I think art, therefore I am” is our guiding principle "Cogito Artem Ergo Sum." We're using Art & Reason to make the world a better place.

Art has a Reason...