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Mobility, Affordability, Scalability and Marketability. See how you can construct your own business model to generate income. Cart: $169.99

Counter Top

When producing your cart, you'll need a countertop to transact business. We've designed a folding countertop to be lightweight, yet firm. Follow our guide, however you can modify if needed per the city's regulations.

Wood Countertop

I've selected a Birch wood for its' stiffness and the weight. I used 3 piano hinges to allow a "Z" folding style. Wood: $22.00, 3 Hinges: $12.99

Your Sign/Banner

I used an outside banner from FedX with velcro to secure the back bars. It's lightweight and inexpensive yet projects a clear message. Banner: $64.00


You'll need some shade to conduct business for any length of time, especially in the tourist season of summer. Cost: $29.99


Easy access to and from your location is essential. Your chair and product can be carried in a backpack or rolling suitcase.